I’m Sanshi Lei Yu, or 余磊 (legal name), a postgraduate student in USTC and BDAA Lab. My advisor is Qi Liu.

I received my Bachelor of Engineering degree from USTC in 2021.


My research focuses on data mining and recommendation system.


  • Sanshi Lei Yu, Zhuoxuan Jiang, Dong-Dong Chen, Shanshan Feng, Dongsheng Li, Qi Liu, Jinfeng Yi. Leveraging Tripartite Interaction Information from Live Stream E-Commerce for Improving Product Recommendation. The 27th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD 2021). [Paper] [Code] [Slide] [Talk].


  • RecHub: Implementations of some methods in recommendation featuring GNN training with heterogeneous graphs.
  • News Recommendation: Implementations of some methods in news recommendation.
  • Embed like Gist: Embed a file from GitHub repository just like GitHub Gist.